Support Colfax High School Athletics

Athletics at the high school level have long been a source of maturity for young people, pride for a given community, and driver of overall mental and physical health. It has been proven that participation in sports develops skills and opportunities young people need to learn to excel in life. Sports have been shown to focus young people and guide them away from poor life decisions. Some examples include:

- Higher levels of self esteem and lower instances of depression
- Better physical fitness, reducing the long-term risks of cancer, heart disease, strokes, and other chronic illness.
- Athletes are less likely to be involved with recreational drugs than non-athletes
- Athletes are three times more likely to graduate from high school than non-athletes
- In certain studies it was shown that the GPA of student athletes was 10 percent higher than that of the average non-athlete.

Athletic participation helps young people learn about goal-setting, pursuing excellence in performance and other achievement-oriented behaviors — all critical skills needed for success in later life.

As the state of California cuts budgets to public schools, athletic departments are suffering. Often, student atheltes are required to pay a fee to play. While there are programs to assist those families in dire need, many students do not play because they cannot afford the fees and do not qualify for the assistance program.

In speaking with Rob Hitchcock, the athletic director at Colfax High School, he mentioned there are students who want to play, but cannot afford the fee and end up sitting the season out.

As alumni of Colfax High School and its athletic department, we’ve decided to organize a fundraiser to sponsor students who cannot afford to play athletics. In sponsoring a few of these young people, we're hoping that we all can help them gain some life skills, stay healthy, and have some fun.

Take a second and click the link below to donate funds to this cause. $100, $50, $25, even $10 will help. Do what you can.


Lauren Smith

Colfax High School, Class of 1996